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Defining Domestic Violence 

  • We can’t change what we don’t know, abuse is any behaviour used to injure or harm, the misuse of power over another.

Women’s Wellness Workshops

  • A Holistic approach to women’s wellness covering; Spirituality, Emotional Intelligence Forgiveness, Abuse, Self Esteem, Healthy Relationships; Co-dependency, Boundaries, Addictions, Conflict Resolution, Communication, and Stress Management 

Great Attitude…Great Future

  • This multi-day workshop focuses on Positive Attitudes, Portfolio Development, Leadership Skills and Effective Communication.

Fees may apply, information available on 'book online' page, or contact us !

Lateral Violence

  • As a result of this workshop Participants will Have an understanding of the manifestation of Lateral Violence, Cyber Violence, Bullying and Mobbing within communities Analyze, identify and describe proactive strategies to deal with Lateral Violence from an individual, family and community level


Walking the Medicine Wheel

  • Our Personal Finances Computerized financial literacy education presents a sustainable solution for individuals struggling to break the cycle of poverty.

Healing Through Forgiveness

  • Forgiveness is a difficult area for most of us. We all need to do forgiveness work. Anyone who has a problem with loving themselves is stuck in this area. Forgiveness opens our hearts to self-love. Many of us carry grudges for years. We feel self-righteous because of what they did to us. I call this being stuck in the prison of self-righteous resentment. We get to be right. We never get to be happy.


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