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True Self serves alongside many community partners to provide services to the North Bay community. In this program, “soft skills” such as communication, building healthy relationships and communication are incorporated into program delivery.
True Self offers many different programs that equip individuals with the skills necessary for pursuing their future, whatever path that may be. Various “soft skills” or skills that relate to one’s ability to interact with others are necessary for individuals seeking employment, training or postsecondary education. According to Employment Ontario’s Top Essential Skills in the Workplace, it is imperative that agencies equip participants with the necessary skills to obtain and maintain employment in the workforce.
One skill that employers have mentioned that they are looking for in an employee includes basic computer skills. These agencies range in services from transition houses to resource centres and employment agencies.  
  1. Spirituality / Culture

  2.  Lateral Violence

  3. Stress Management

  4. Self-Esteem

  5. Recognizing Abuse

  6. Addictions

  7. Co-Dependency/Boundaries

  8. Healthy Relationships

  9. Emotional Awareness

  10. Betrayal & Trust

  11. Forgiveness

  12. Communication /Conflict Resolution

  13. Anxiety/Panic

  14. Employment Service


  • Community agencies

  • Peer Support

  • Employment Advisors

  • Workshops

  • Referrals

  • Computer Training

  • Market research


  • ABC's to Heal Your Life Workshop

  • Acknowledge Your Past

  • Believe In Yourself

  • Create Your Future



  • Effective communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Community involvement

  • Volunteerism

  • Networking

  • Commitment

  • Wellness development

  • Self-help

  • Mind, Body Spirit

  • Positivity Thinking


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