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Support for Women 

program is beneficial because it encourages a holistic approach to healing, employment and training services. By healing wounds created as a result of trauma, True Self assists individuals in their journey to healing through acknowledging their past, believing in themselves and their journey, as well as creating a future that maintains the positive affirmations that are learned alongside their peers. 


A Holistic approach to women’s wellness covering; Spirituality, Emotional Repair (Fear, Frustration, Loneliness Anxiety Anger, Depression & Jealousy), Forgiveness: How to Forgive When You Can’t Forget, Abuse, Self Esteem, Healthy Relationships’, Co-dependency & Boundaries, Addictions, Conflict Resolution, Communication, and Stress Management


ACKNOWLEDGE Your Past (50 Hours) Change Management, Personal Responsibility, Recognizing Abuse, Spirituality, Listening, Beliefs, Introduction to affirmations, Lifelines, Vision Boards, Motivation, Lateral Violence, Healthy Relationships, Boundaries, Self Esteem, and Forgiveness

BELIEVE in Yourself Now (50 Hours) Communication, Conflict Resolution, Addictions, Co-Dependency, Self-Sabotage, Stress, Anxiety/Panic, Culture, Mental Wellness, Self-Care, Safety Planning, Self defence, and Emotional Intelligence

CREATE Your Future (50 Hours) Workplace attitudes, Leadership, Essential Skills Job Search/Resumes/Interviews Dress for Success, Employment Barriers Information Interviews, Dealing with Bad Bosses First 30 days on the Job, Employment Supports Local Employer recruitment



  • Offering peer support within the Warming Centre. 

  • Linking individuals with the services available in the community. 

  •  Providing connections and tools to support meeting basic needs. 

  • Giving women in the community an opportunity to experience True Self’s holistic healing approaches. 

  • Empowering individuals to move forward with educational or employment goals.


Codependency is an online group where women can come together in a safe environment to learn what codependency is and how it has affected their lives in an unhealthy way.  We learn tools and techniques to help us change our thoughts and behaviours and be able to live a more authentic life. It's learning to make ourselves a priority in our own lives. 


The Talking Circle is based on the Indigenous tradition.   Here, everyone is equal, everyone belongs.  We create a safe, non-judgemental environment for individuals to be able to share their points of view with what they are going through in life.  Allows for us to listen and respect the views of others, and an ability to connect to one another.   


Talking Circle originated with First Nations leaders - the process was used to ensure that all leaders in the tribal council were heard, and that those who were speaking were not interrupted.  Usually, the Chief would initiate the conversation, with other members responding and sharing their perceptions and opinions of the topic under discussion.  


True Self is an Employment Supports Service provider for ODSP. A service provider is a community-based organization that helps people find work or start a business. 


What kind of employment supports can I get?  


Services provided are: 

  • Job coaching  

  • Job search assistance and goal setting  

  • Resume and cover letter assistance 

  • New job starts clothing  

  • Support with job maintenance   

  • Assistance with income reporting and advocate on your behalf  

  • New business/ self-employment starts up assistance  

  • Computer training  

  • Other items you may need for work  


How can you get employment supports? By contacting your ODSP case worker and completing the application for reemployment supports with them or directly with the service provider.  

Mental Health and Addictions Peer Support Program (MAPS) with probation and parole. 

 Establish rapport, trust and mutual understanding with Clients based on shared lived experience;  

Explore the Client’s recovery goals and identify ways to help them feel more connected with supports;  

Share with the client, experiences related to the theme, emphasize an educational component and/or provide creative experiences that foster healing and recovery;  

Provide reintegration and recovery supports in either 1:1 and/or group peer support.  



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