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14 years of successfully acknowledging strengths, building confidence & creating futures 

If it wasn’t for True Self’s unwavering support and dedication, I wouldn’t have gained the confidence and courage to leave an abusive relationship, learn to value myself, embrace my flaws and my past, to find the motivation to finish my grade 12 and get my diploma… True Self saved me and can help other women too.

“Everything about True Self is awesome. It has helped me to be a better person in all my affairs and life in general. The support given is a blessing. I hope it will continue and grow so all can prosper from what is offered. Chii Megwich!!”


True Self strives to provide streamlined access to services that promote the safety, self-sufficiency and wellbeing of individuals and their families by fostering a structured collaborative community response.
• To offer men and women who have experienced violence and those at risk of, a
holistic approach to healing, employment and training supports.
• To empower men and women to consider, explore, pursue and achieve higher levels of
training, education, or employment on their journey to economic independence.
• To work within our district to raise awareness of and sensitivity to the barriers
faced by men and women who experience violence.
Focusing on meaningful plans tailored to the individual, ensuring a unique path within the
program ensures growth and leads to long term employment in various fields.


“I became able to answer the question of who I am, because of what I learned here. I no longer see myself as just a recovering addict and abused woman. I learned coping skills for stress and for dealing with past life trauma which led me to become addicted. A great deal of my recovery came from here.”

“I learned a lot about myself, and how to better protect myself and my family. The best was learning and accepting that I am the only one who has and had control over my life, no one else.”

Eligibility Criteria

Men and Women 16 years of age or older struggling with

  • Meeting their basic needs

  • Mental Health

  • Addictions

  • Poverty / Homelessness

  • Unemployment / Underemployment

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